Printer Friendly Topic: Experiencing God
Author: Illustration Exchange
Scripture: Psalm 34:8
Source: “Understanding Catfish Senses,” September 28, 2010,

“A catfish just 6 inches long has more than a quarter-million taste buds on its body. … The mouth and gill rakers are packed with taste buds, and the sensory organs cover the outside of the catfish as well – the whiskers, fins, back, belly, sides and even the tail. If you were a catfish, you could taste a slice of pizza just by sitting on it.‘Catfish’ says Dr. John Caprio of Louisiana State University, ‘are swimming tongues.’” – Game and Fish Magazine


As a catfish forages through the muck at the bottom of a pond, his mouth, his gills, his whiskers, his fins, his back, his belly, his sides, and even his tail are designed to sense the presence of the sustenance he seeks, just by brushing up against it.

The same is true of the believer. As we forage through life seeking greater communion with God, we are equipped with a comprehensive set of physical and spiritual sensory organs capable of sensing God’s presence—in the beauty of the night sky, in the sound of the rushing wind or pounding surf, in the soft touch of a child’s hand, in the promises of Scripture, or in the prayers of faithful friends. God can be found everywhere in His creation.

Like the catfish, be on alert for the true sustenance of life. Always be prepared to sense His presence, no matter how you might brush up against Him.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8).


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